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what does isotonic mean?

The fluids in your body have an almost constant concentration of dissolved salts, sugars and minerals. At this concentration nutrients and molecules essential for proper cell metabolism are most efficiently transported through cell walls.

Normal human blood serum (the fluid portion without cells and platelets) has an osmolality of 288 mOsm/kg, as do most other fluids in the body.

In order for a fluid from inside the intestine to be transferred into the blood plasma, the fluid must be as similar as possible to the body fluid. If the concentration of the fluid consumed is the same as that of the body’s fluids, then the fluid is described as being “isotonic.”

the Isotonix delivery system

Isotonix products are formulated with the proper balance of fructose, d-glucose, citric acid, potassium bicarbonate and other key ingredients to assure that they are isotonic when properly prepared. This combination of ingredients is necessary to maintain the flavour, isotonic character, pH and delivery efficiency of these nutritional supplements.

Normally, when you ingest a daily vitamin or nutritional supplement tablet, your body must work for up to four hours digesting and absorbing the vitamins and nutrients. During this lengthy breakdown process, a percentage of the nutritive value is lost. But because Isotonix products are powders, none of the fillers, binders, coatings and lubricants that are common to tablet manufacturing are necessary. There are no gelatin capsules or fillers. As a result, the amount of time necessary to absorb a supplement is greatly decreased.

concentration and absorption

Concentration and absorption are factors that go hand in hand for the proper use of nutritional supplements. Concentration — the amount of nutrient dissolved in a given amount of a solvent such as water or stomach fluid — is usually directly related to the efficiency of nutrient absorption. This is especially true in the process of passive diffusion. Passive diffusion works when the concentration of nutrients in the lumen of the small intestine is higher than the concentration inside the intestinal cells. Since Isotonix products experience little dilution in the gastrointestinal tract, they arrive at the absorption sites highly concentrated, ensuring efficient absorption.

Because of their physiological character, Isotonix solutions undergo very little dilution in the body before they reach the absorption sites. They are the ideal vehicle for rapid nutrient utilisation

how does gastric emptying affect absorption?

Have you ever impatiently waited for an elevator at a hotel? And then when the door opens, you sigh because it is so packed with people and luggage that you have to wait for the next one? The vitamin and mineral supplements you take each day face a very similar situation. Your digestive system has specific absorption sites for nutrients. But to be absorbed into the blood stream, they must use a transport shuttle — the equivalent of an elevator or taxi. Like any transportation, nutrient shuttles have limited capacity and can become overwhelmed if too many nutrients show up at once.

Unlike people, vitamins will not wait in line for a shuttle. If one is unavailable, they will move on down the digestive tract to eventually be eliminated in our waste. So, for maximum absorption, we need to have a delivery system that matches how the body absorbs nutrients.

This brings us to the main advantage of Isotonix supplements. They are formulated to move from the stomach at an optimised rate to maximise absorption. It’s fast, but controlled, allowing your body’s transport mechanism to efficiently shuttle vitamins into the bloodstream.

Vitamin pills can’t deliver the same performance because either they saturate the absorption shuttles and deliver only a fraction of what they contain or the pill may not dissolve properly and pass by the absorption sites.

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isotonic solution vs tablet capsule