Buy Isotonix Vitamin C

Buy Isotonix Vitamin C

isotonix vitamin c is a liquid solutions

Who needs EXTRA Vitamin C? senior citizens • those with weakened immune systems • smokers • those with excessive stress • those with cardiovascular conditions • athletes and very active people

Isotonix® Vitamin C

Single Bottle (90 Servings
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Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant found in many brightly colored-fruits and vegetables, as well as in some less-colorful, more-surprising sources. Vitamin C is necessary for proper eye and vimmune health as well as capillary protection. Vitamin C can also help manage arthritis, rhinitis, and mild anxiety. Learn more about the world’s most popular vitamin.

Australians and Vitamins • 52% of Australians utilize complementary medicine • 19.2% of all Australians — 4 million people — take vitamin supplements

Benefits of vitamin C may include • protection against immune system deficiencies • protection against cardiovascular disease • protection against free radicals • protection against prenatal health problems • protection against eye disease • healthy tissue maintenance • assistance in the proper absorption of iron • alleviation of cold symptoms

Vitamin C for Colds and Stress2 • battle a cold with 1-3 grams daily • fight a cold + stress with 600-1000 mg daily • stave off acute stress with 1 gram, 3 times daily for 2 weeks

What can Indicate a need for more vitamin C? • poor wound-healing • lung-related problems • frequent colds or infections • scurvy

Daily Minimum Vitamin C Requirements1 • adult men: 40 mg • adult women: 30 mg • pregnant women: 30+ mg • lactating women: 45+ mg • children (over 7): 30 mg

Foods  High in Vitamin C • oranges • lemons • black currants • guava • kiwi fruit • papaya • tomatoes • strawberries • carrots • bell peppers • broccoli • potatoes • cabbage • spinach • paprika • liver • oysters